Hinske is OUT!

Did you see that game – the one where Henske got thrown out?  If you want to get thrown out of a major league baseball game, I can tell you exactly how to do it….just watch:

Kindergarten Zoo Trip


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The whole kindergarten – all the classes in the entire school – rode school buses to the zoo.  I really liked seeing the snakes.  There’s one snake that could probably even eat me!  I liked feeding the birds and petting the … Continue reading

T-Ball and the ACS

Last weekend was fun!  First I played tball on Saturday.  My team played a great game (even though we lost 10-12).  I got to play 3rd base just like Chipper Jones.  I tried to slide and catch a ball like Chipper but I didn’t catch it.  My coach was proud of us and said we might even win this week!  

Next we went to the Magnolia Festival where we worked a booth for the American Cancer Society with some people from Mommy’s work.  I ate alligator on a stick.  I got to ride some of the carnival rides and I got to jump in a Bat Man bouncey house. Because I’m little, I had to have a friend ride some of the rides with me.  Thanks Taylor for helping me!

Helping Others

We did a lot of stuff yesterday!  Me and mommy voluteered to work at a huge garage sale the people at her work were having to benefit the [American] Cancer Society.  I really didn’t work – I just played with my friend that was there.  I kind of worked because I hepled watch a 2-year old.  I told him “no” when he started to go around the house. I tried to pull him back to me but he cried.  He’s the same size as I am.  That’s kind of weird.  A huge wind came and it blew our tent over.  Then the tent turned a table over and the table fell on the 2-year old!  His head scraped on the concrete and he had a knot.  The table only bumped my head, but it scared all of us!

Next we stopped by the Funky Fish Fry [to benefit Autism Awareness].  My mom was so tired from the garage sale that we didn’t stay there very long.  I just played with some kids for a little while.

Then I went with my friend, Jacob Russell, to the Spring Fling for the elementary school. Now that was fun! He helped me play games like LaCrosse and putt-putt golf.  We also rode on the train.  I threw the baseball and tried to make the coach fall into the water.  I also got my arm bandaged in the pretend army hospital. You can watch a video of me trying to make the coach fall in the dunking boother here: http://youtu.be/T5alkEnbLjg.

It’s good to do things that help other people.  We helped raise money for cancer research, autism and the elementary school.  Jacob Russell helped me play the games I wanted to play.  I hope my website helps others learn things about little people.  Helping is pretty awesome!

My Favorite BB Team – the BRAVES!

If you’re curious about my favorite baseball team, I’m revealing a little bit about them in today’s video.  Watch tomorrow for more of Aidan’s Advice!

About the Braves

If you’d prefer to watch the YouTube version, click here:   http://youtu.be/5Haklz5aL70

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Aidan’s Mommy

Getting Ready for the K Play

I’m a lion in the kindergarten play.  I have to jump out and go “RAWR!”  Eleven children have speaking parts; I’m not one of them. There are 10 songs.  I am in the fourth one.  I’m also on the front row.  I’m always on the front because I’m smaller than the other kids.  Actually, I’m the smallest kid in my school.  You wouldn’t be able to see me if I was on the back row.  Getting to be in front is a good thing about being little!  Except when I’m the line leader.  When I’m the line leader and am in the front, the other kids walk around me and call me slow.  But it’s still fun getting to be on the front!